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Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos Roda
Professor of the UCM
Neuro-Computation and Neuro-Robotics Group
CIF.: B-84.793.389

A livetime's project
Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos has contributed to the advance of science and technology and their applicability in very different ways. This is supported by the following facts:
  • Her investigations have given rise to 13 families of international patents (448 approved patents). She has 9 favourable reports about her Intellectual Property.
  • She directs 2 technology-based firms.
  • She is a founder of the “Annual Reunions among Research Groups, Institutions and Companies”.
  • She has received more than 10 national and international awards.
Problems addressed and their solutions

Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos has the outstanding capacity to on her own complete the entire process of creating a product that improves the quality of life and health of a person from its initial stage of research development to its introduction on the market.

Her inventions, which span from an eye protective filter to a personal identification system based on the cornea and include a device that improves a driver’s vision, seem not to have anything in common. However, they all share the three features that they are all based on a profound knowledge of the human visual system, they are all of a preventive nature and the solutions they offer are universal.

Three lines of research:
High Efficiency Method “Alta Eficacia”
This project addresses the idea of transforming a world that is phototoxic to the eyes into one of good Visual Health through the use of simple, economic and easily implemented solutions.

The System of Protection against Blindness proposed by Dr. Celia Sánchez Ramos to achieve an environment of good Visual Health is based on several families of patents backed by her own research: contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses, light sources, car windshields, window panes and protective filters that block damaging light rays from passing through all the transparent surfaces that surround us. A differential characteristic of these products is their prophylactic and therapeutic nature. Thus, it is a Universal Protection System that may be used by children, adults and the elderly of any race and anywhere in the world.

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Light diffuser

A system that artificially induces pupil contraction in conditions of poor illumination, thus avoiding visual system aberrations and improving the quality of the image generated by the retina. By improving a driver’s quality of vision, this new, preventive system will improve driving safety and save lives.

The device or light diffuser of a given intensity is positioned on the car roof (inside) ouside the driver’s visual field. The light provides is diffuse and avoids acting as a visual stimulus causing glare.

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Personal identification system based on the cornea, personal safety

The ID system designed by Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos identifies several differential points of the eyes of an individual.

The system is based on measuring the inner corneal surface and this means it has the benefit over biometric systems such as those based on fingerprints or the iris that it is non-reproducible.

The invention is universal in that it can be used on any person since measurements are externally made. The data obtained are nevertheless individual since they represent the inner corneal surface, which cannot be manipulated. The technique is non-invasive and has no secondary effects.

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